Two ‘Perfect’ Embies Back Inside

Ok, so I’m off with the fairies! I have only just realised I headed my last post with ‘Another Transfer Over’ when in fact it wasn’t transfer, it was EPU. I must have been having a ‘blonde’ moment. 🙂

Out of our 19 eggs 15 of them were good enough to be fertilised but we only ended up with 5 embies. Now I know to some this would be devastating but for me its all very normal. Actually I normally only get 5 eggs and 1 or 2 embies, so its rather good for me.

So today I went to the hospital for a day 2 transfer and I think it went really well.

Our 5 embies were all still alive but the scientist told us she had good and bad news. The bad was that 3 of our embies looked really crap and she didn’t think they would be able to freeze them but then she told us that the other 2 were ‘perfect’ (yes you heard me right – perfect) embies with no fragmentation! (my embies – other than when I got pg with Zak – are always very fragmented). This is a 2 day transfer for us and the embies were 4 cell.

I told her to get off the grass and that I would have been happy if one sus embie was still alive but to be told I had 2 perfect embies …… I was over the moon.

So I’m a little sleepy from my Valium and brandy. Ha ha I’m on loads of progesterone again as well as Clexane jabs, Cardiprin, prednisone, and 3 HCG injections throughout the 2ww.

I’m very happy with this result but do know that many have perfect blast embies put in and don’t get pg so I do know this still has a high chance of not working BUT it does remind me that my body can spit out a good egg here and there and its all just a matter of time.

Anyway I’m off to have my other 10 mg of Valium! 🙂