Two ‘Perfect’ Embies Back Inside

Ok, so I’m off with the fairies! I have only just realised I headed my last post with ‘Another Transfer Over’ when in fact it wasn’t transfer, it was EPU. I must have been having a ‘blonde’ moment. 🙂

Out of our 19 eggs 15 of them were good enough to be fertilised but we only ended up with 5 embies. Now I know to some this would be devastating but for me its all very normal. Actually I normally only get 5 eggs and 1 or 2 embies, so its rather good for me.

So today I went to the hospital for a day 2 transfer and I think it went really well.

Our 5 embies were all still alive but the scientist told us she had good and bad news. The bad was that 3 of our embies looked really crap and she didn’t think they would be able to freeze them but then she told us that the other 2 were ‘perfect’ (yes you heard me right – perfect) embies with no fragmentation! (my embies – other than when I got pg with Zak – are always very fragmented). This is a 2 day transfer for us and the embies were 4 cell.

I told her to get off the grass and that I would have been happy if one sus embie was still alive but to be told I had 2 perfect embies …… I was over the moon.

So I’m a little sleepy from my Valium and brandy. Ha ha I’m on loads of progesterone again as well as Clexane jabs, Cardiprin, prednisone, and 3 HCG injections throughout the 2ww.

I’m very happy with this result but do know that many have perfect blast embies put in and don’t get pg so I do know this still has a high chance of not working BUT it does remind me that my body can spit out a good egg here and there and its all just a matter of time.

Anyway I’m off to have my other 10 mg of Valium! 🙂


8 Responses

  1. Well done B – you must be so happy with your ‘overachievement’ this cycle!

    Babe, you have no idea just how much I want for this to be the one for you both.

    *smooches* x

  2. Wonderful news, wow I cannot imagine getting that many eggs, I think my record was 5 eggs and 2 embies and that was on 900 units of gonal f !!!

    I have every thing crossed for you and would so love to see you get a huge big positive beta at the end of the 2ww…


  3. Well good on you for producing quality! I am hoping that one or both are golden for you. Good luck:)

  4. I am majorly excited about this. *Two* perfect embies!!! Two *perfect* embies!! How great is that???

  5. Wow, that is exciting. Now to sit tight and do nothing for 2w to make sure they hold on tightly. Wishing you all the best of luck. Hugs.

  6. I have everything crossed for you Brenda. Two perfect embryos sounds perfect!

  7. Thinking of ya babe and you know how much I want this to happen!!

  8. Well done – best, best, best of luck!!

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