A Doppler Doesnt Give All The Information

I have had some friends talk about getting a Doppler when they get pregnant.

I had a Doppler when I was pregnant with Zak. The thought that some think a good Doppler reading means all is good with Bub has me going into a frenzy of panic……………….

S got me a VERY good Doppler when I was 10 weeks pregnant. It was great. Very reassuring if movement was little. We used it just about every second day. Not because we thought something was wrong but because it was so cool to hear your bub alive inside.

The day that I didn’t feel movement, including the morning I went to the hospital, we had used the Doppler (because of lack of movement) many times. Each time Zak’s HB was between 150 and 160. So a very strong HB.

It was for this reason that I NEARLY didn’t go to the hospital. I thought all must have been fine. It was only that S said we should go anyway (I didn’t want to waste anyones time) that we went. Zak’s HR was fine at all 3 hospitals. BUT he was VERY sick and at some stage squashing his cord.

Please don’t take a good Doppler reading as ‘everything is ok’. If you have lack of movements go get it checked out, and if that means going to the hospital 3 times a week then that’s what you do. If Zak had not been delivered when he was it is thought he would have been stillborn the very next day.

I probably wont even get our Doppler out of its box if I get pg again. It gave me a false sense of security.




Just wanted to say that I’m not warning against having a Doppler. Just don’t think that because your Doppler shows a good HR that you should ignore other signs of a baby in distress.