Christmas Is In The Air – Well At Our House Anyway :)

Well for those of you who know me will know what was going on at my house on the first weekend in Oct! Well just to shock you all, it didn’t happen until lastnight (much to my horror) due to S just being so busy at work.


A little early I hear some of you say. Its bad luck I hear others of you say. Are you mad? I hear you all say!

Well before anyone jumps in and gives me the ‘its bad luck’ talk, I will give you the answer I give to friends, family and strangers who say that to me.

‘Yes I know its bad luck, that’s why we cant have a baby. Because I put the tree up in Oct’.

Really people, do ANY of you really think its bad luck??

To those who say its to early, well I LOVE Christmas. A time full of family, food and gift giving. (You can tell I’m not religious at all lol)

To those who say its not suppose to go up until the 1st Dec. I say ‘WHO SAYS???

So today I spent my day decorating the tree. Adding Zak’s Christmas ball my Mum got for S and I last year. I have my wreath on the front door. (God that’s going to get people in the street talking lol)

Yes my husband is a calm and easy going man. (That’s why I love him) Hes use to the Christmas spirit starting at our house in Oct.

I don’t however think he will cope if he comes home from work and I have the Xmas CD’s playing. 🙂



The tree photo is rather blurry.  Lets just say I still cant use our camera very well.