Finished The 2ww

Well I had my bt this morning and waited ALL day only to be told it was a BIG FAT FUCKEN NEGATIVE!!  What a waist of two ‘perfect’ looking embryos.  What a waist of a day.  I could have been drinking, smoking crack and sky diving!!

When af turns up (oh that bitch) we will be jumping right back into another cycle.

Hey, what else am I going to do with my life??

7 Responses

  1. You are f*cking kidding! I am just gutted for you Brenda. The universe has an attitude problem that needs a serious adjustment. I am so, so sorry mate. I know ‘fair’ has nothing to do with it, but it just isn’t fair at all. ((hugs))

  2. I’m sorry Brenda. No, there is no fairness in this life–that’s for sure. And the sky diving thing sounds good. I have never tried it, but I be it’s amazing!

  3. I’m really sorry Brenda, I have been thinking of you. I wish I had some words of wisdom but I don’t, it just isn’t fair.
    Big hugs

    C x

  4. I’m So sorry sweetie. I wish there was somthing I could do to help. Or had words that would make this easier on you. But i’m thinking of you and praying.

  5. *hugs*
    ….still hopeful for you!

  6. Oh B, just got back after a weekend away and am so very, very sorry to hear this, truly I am. It’s about time you caught a break my love…
    (hugs) x

  7. Sorry to hear the news. I so wish things were different for you after all you have been through. Good luck for next month. I will be thinking of you. Hugs.

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