Here We Go Again – Didn’t We Just Do This??

Well after my ‘big fat fucking negative’ the other day, I’m happy to share with you all that the bitch showed her ugly head today.  I called the clinic and at 5.20 am tomorrow morning S and I will rock up for a day 2 scan.

Yes we are starting another cycle right away.  I have to admit that if this next cycle doesn’t work I’m going to probably go to sleep for a good 3 months.  So this will be the last for the year.  We have a wedding in Feb to go to so we wont do another cycle till after then.

The wedding is in Sydney (who gets married in Feb I just don’t know.  It will be so bloody hot it wont be funny) so I think I will get S to take an extra week off and I might take my ‘whale’ like body to some remote town for a holiday on the way home where I can drink bottles of Moscato and pop many a pill containing codeine and forget the world for a week or so before coming home to more IVF.

This whole IVF thing is bloody hard and tiring work!

I am really sorry I have been so slack at reading everyones blogs this last week.  I promise i will get to them all in the next day or so.