Here We Go Again – Didn’t We Just Do This??

Well after my ‘big fat fucking negative’ the other day, I’m happy to share with you all that the bitch showed her ugly head today.  I called the clinic and at 5.20 am tomorrow morning S and I will rock up for a day 2 scan.

Yes we are starting another cycle right away.  I have to admit that if this next cycle doesn’t work I’m going to probably go to sleep for a good 3 months.  So this will be the last for the year.  We have a wedding in Feb to go to so we wont do another cycle till after then.

The wedding is in Sydney (who gets married in Feb I just don’t know.  It will be so bloody hot it wont be funny) so I think I will get S to take an extra week off and I might take my ‘whale’ like body to some remote town for a holiday on the way home where I can drink bottles of Moscato and pop many a pill containing codeine and forget the world for a week or so before coming home to more IVF.

This whole IVF thing is bloody hard and tiring work!

I am really sorry I have been so slack at reading everyones blogs this last week.  I promise i will get to them all in the next day or so.

6 Responses

  1. You take that extra week off. I know Feb is a long way away, but knowing that you’ll have a holiday coming up, is something good to look forward to (or so I tell myself).

    Good luck with this next cycle.

  2. Rest and relax and look after you. That is the most important thing to do. Hugs.

  3. Good luck with the next cycle B and enjoy the time away in Feb it will be here before you know it!!

  4. Sorry to see you so negative..
    Good luck though, you’re on my mind.

  5. I’m so sorry about the negative, brenda.I will keep my hopes up for this cycle.

  6. Hi Brenda,

    You have been so quiet lately. Hope everything is ok and you are just out enjoying the sunshine!


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