Australia’s First Set Of Frozen Triplets Turn 18

There was a story on the news this morning that was really nice for a few reasons.  On Sunday 2 sisters and a brother will celebrate their 18 th birthday.  They were the first set of triplets to come from frozen embryos to be born in Australia.  I can only imagine that 18 years ago IVF would have been a bit hit and miss, let alone frozen embryos working.

The bit that made me smile was when one of the sisters talked about the first baby their Mum got pregnant with.  He to was IVF.  Born before the triplets, and he lived for only 3 days.

I’m sure some of you are wondering what part of that made me smile????  Well when she talked about him, she called him her ‘older brother’.  Not ‘Mum & Dad’s first baby’.  Not ‘the first time Mum & dad got pg with IVF’.  She didn’t say ‘ Mum & Dad lost a baby before they had us’.  She called him their older brother.

It was so nice to hear a sibling talk of a brother they had never met that way.  Their parents have obviously talked a lot about their son.  Their first baby.  The triplets older brother, and I think considering he was a baby that died over 18 years ago, at a time where mothers were not suppose to talk about their ‘dead babies’.  A time when the family were suppose to move on and forget, its kinda amazing to hear people talk of a brother they never knew.

And it put a smile on my face.  🙂

Sorry Its Been A While

Gosh I have been bad! I cant believe how long it has been since I last posted.

Well another cycle over and done with. Lets hope the new year is the one for us. We have 2 wonderful blast embies on ice. We have a wedding to go to in Feb so wont even be thinking about IVF till later in the year.

There have been a few bubs born on some of the blogs I read. Im so happy for you all. Such a wonderful gift to get before Christmas. Oh and think of those Santa photos you will be able to have taken! Very cute.

Not much has been going on at my end. S is VERY busy at work as they have just had a full re fit. The place has been a huge mess for the last few days but once its all finished it will look great.

All my Christmas shopping is wrapped and under the tree. I cant wait for Christmas day. For anyone who doesn’t know me well, my tree has been up since the first weekend in Oct. We put it up then every year. I finished off the shopping the other day with Frankie’s (our dog) Christmas bag. Did you know you could get dog Bon Bons?? Very cute. I have ordered her a ‘dog bubble blower’ in bacon flavor.

What do you all get up to over Christmas??

Congratulations On A Special Bundle

Congratulations to C & D on the birth of their precious bundle.

I wont give any details away as I’m sure C would love to let everyone know all about bub herself.

To C & D

I’m so very happy for you both. I’m sure you are both so very relieved. I knew everything was going to be ok because you had a very special little person looking over you all.


‘Practice Makes Perfect’ & The 2ww

Well I had transfer on Monday.

Such a huge wait at the clinic though. I’m guessing my Dr’s was late in as his house went on fire Sunday night! Rather good he turned up at all if you ask me.

Well all 10 of my embies were still alive. A very big first for me. 4 of them are slow and fragmented. That’s what I normally have put back in. Lol 2 were popped back in. And we had another 4 that are the right amount of cells but a little fragmented. They talked to us about growing them to day 5 and seeing if they lived. We were happy with that as we never have had any to put on ice and after the amount of cycles with crappy embies we have done we were just happy to have 2 good ones back in.

So I have just called the clinic now to see if the 4 ‘arrested’ (I love how they say that about embies. I always want to ask them if they got the paddles out and tried to revive them lol).

The lady I spoke to couldn’t find my file and was gone for a long time. Turns out the scientists were right in the middle of freezing 2 of our embies. This is very exciting news for S and I. We have never grown embies to day 5. Normally the ones we are having put back in are falling apart, but to have to go to blast, we are over the moon. Hell there is a good change they could crock it when they are defrosted, but I don’t even care about that.

I’m just so happy that with all my IVF cycles things seem to get a little better each time.

You know what they say …….”Practice makes perfect”. 🙂

I wasn’t given a date for my bt so I will just have it when I feel like it! Roflol So we are in to another 2ww. Fingers crossed this one brings a nice Christmas gift!

Transfer Today

Well I had to ring my Dr lastnight to see what my 10 embies had done and to see if he would go ahead with transfer. He asked how I was feeling and when I said I could run a nude running race he said ‘with your levels I doubt that’! Lol

He doesn’t believe I feel as good as I do. I think he thinks I’m fibbing so I get to transfer. But I feel really fine. Normal. I admit the day before EPU I thought I was going to die, but I’m 100% fine now. I’m sure once he sees my happy face today he will see I’m telling the truth.

He had not been faxed through the info on my embies so all he could tell me was that transfer would be at 12.30 today. I ended up calling the scientists at 7 am today to ask how crap they were.

I ‘THINK’ we still have 10 embies but that 5 of them are rat shit. We have 2 lovely grade 2 embies to pop back in today. I said how all clinics grade differently and what did their grading system mean. She said 80% of their pregnancies come from grade 2. So I’m happy with that. She said there are also 3 embies that are the right size and cells for day 3 (my embies are normally slow and a day behind) but she said they had a bit of fragmentation. (my embies normally look like they have been whisked so a little fragmentation is good for me).

She said it wasn’t really bad but obviously she would rather put the 2 good ones back. She wants to grow them other 3 till day 5. She said they could die (I would put my money on that) but she said that sometimes they come good. So she said we can freeze them today if we want but when I asked her what was best she said she would rather wait and just see if they improves. S and I are happy with that. I’m not worried if they drop dead, I’m just OVER THE MOON that I have 2 to put back in today. And 2 good ones at that!

EPU Today

Well I had EPU today. I was guessing I was in for a good number as yesterday I was so sick (really wanted to die) I had to go to the Dr and get a jab. But when I got up today I felt really good so I was guessing I wasn’t going to have the haul of 19 I got last time. Scott was betting on 14 and I had a bet of 15. 🙂

When I woke up after EPU I couldn’t keep my eyes open. Was the sleepiest I have been at EPU. I asked the nurse how many eggs (my old Dr’s have always had it written on your hand but my new Dr likes to come and take to you about it so the nurses don’t like to say). The nurse said he would be in soon and I would have to wait. I felt so good compared to yesterday that guess of 15 dropped to maybe 8.

I went to recovery and my Dr was in doing transfers so we had to wait a long time. I asked again how many and the nurse gave in. She looked it up and he had written 20+ !!!!!

Finally got to see our Dr. We had 27 eggs!!!! PLUS he said there were 3 more in me. He had 3 nurses pushing my left side and at one stage lying on me but he said they were just out of reach and his thoughts were ‘ you have 27, no pint doing damage to your insides just to get 3 more’! Lol

He said he doesn’t transfer if you have 20 or more eggs and would normally freeze them and make me come back when my E2 levels are down but he said I could be his ‘first exception’. I have to ring him tomorrow to find out fert results and then again on Sunday night. He just wants to make sure I have not turned to shit over the weekend. I have been put on a high protein diet and also 3 protein drinks per day. As well as the 4 Lt of water.

He said the thing he was really happy with is that all my follies were the same size. A lot of the time when you do a short cycle your follie sizes are all over the place.

Now you are all going to be proud of me for what I asked him next. I use to get only 5 or so embies on 976 units of drugs before I changed to this clinic. This clinic no longer uses synarel. So since doing cycles with out the synarel my numbers have jumped big time. I talked to him today about my next cycle (lol) and asked if he thought it would be good to drop my dose to 450-600 and get less eggs (I’m not over the moon about the 27 eggs as I know more eggs can a lot of the time mean even crapper quality). I would much rather 8 – 10 eggs and get 4 good embies than 27 eggs. He agreed and said that I’m probably one of those that has trouble ‘getting going’ after having synarel. So that’s the next thing I want to try. Lower dose with NO sniffing.

Also (sorry I know this is becoming a small novel), I dropped S’s sperm today off the bench. The lid was on but all I could think was how cartoon sperm have faces and I may have given the poor things brain damage. Ha ha ha

So I told the scientist that they may be brain dead. She giggled and said they would be fine. She went and had a look and came back and said he had WAY more than normal and they were MUCH better quality! She said I may have knocked some sense into them.

This is the first cycle that S has NOT given up drinking. Hes been drinking VERY high proof bourbon and thinks this is why his swimmers are doing so well! 🙂

I Have A Night Light Question

Ok, I have what might seem like a odd question to ask. I’m guessing the only people who will know the answer will be those in the USA but I could be wrong.

In lots of American movies you see in kids rooms a really nice kind of lamp. They come in different designs. They rotate around and I think the design must be cut into the lamp shade as the design ‘floats’ around the kids room. Its probably more of a night light than a lamp???

I have seen them in the movie ‘A Cool, Dry Place’ (I’m sure that’s the correct name), in ‘Stir Of Echoes’ and many other movies.

I would love one and have asked many lighting shops here in Oz if they sell them and no one seems to know what I am talking about. I have ‘googled’ them and all I come up with is a ‘Silhouette Light/Night Light’ and ‘Spin Shades’ but when I went to the web sites they were very different to the ones in the moves.

So if anyone out there knows what I am talking about and knows of a web site and can have a look at I would be eternally grateful for your help. Below is a photo of a night light that looks more like the ones in the movies.


UPDATE:  Now that I look at the above photo I don’t think that’s anything like the ones in the movies either. Lol 🙂