MIA – Sorry :)

God I’m a slack shit!!!

Sorry all for not reading any of your blogs and not updating mine.

I have this bloody horrible flu again and am having trouble keeping my head up from the ground.  Its the head cold from hell with a feeling of wanting to vomit thrown in.

We are in the middle of another cycle.  I had a scan on Thurs that showed 4 follies on the left and 8 or 9 on the right.  Lining was about 9 mm so all is good in that department.

I’m having another scan on Monday but it looks like EPU will be Friday.  Transfer will probably be Monday.

I wont be around much over the weekend as S is having his first weekend off in in god knows how many months so fingers crossed he can stay away from work.  I PROMISE I will read what you have all been up to soon.