Transfer Today

Well I had to ring my Dr lastnight to see what my 10 embies had done and to see if he would go ahead with transfer. He asked how I was feeling and when I said I could run a nude running race he said ‘with your levels I doubt that’! Lol

He doesn’t believe I feel as good as I do. I think he thinks I’m fibbing so I get to transfer. But I feel really fine. Normal. I admit the day before EPU I thought I was going to die, but I’m 100% fine now. I’m sure once he sees my happy face today he will see I’m telling the truth.

He had not been faxed through the info on my embies so all he could tell me was that transfer would be at 12.30 today. I ended up calling the scientists at 7 am today to ask how crap they were.

I ‘THINK’ we still have 10 embies but that 5 of them are rat shit. We have 2 lovely grade 2 embies to pop back in today. I said how all clinics grade differently and what did their grading system mean. She said 80% of their pregnancies come from grade 2. So I’m happy with that. She said there are also 3 embies that are the right size and cells for day 3 (my embies are normally slow and a day behind) but she said they had a bit of fragmentation. (my embies normally look like they have been whisked so a little fragmentation is good for me).

She said it wasn’t really bad but obviously she would rather put the 2 good ones back. She wants to grow them other 3 till day 5. She said they could die (I would put my money on that) but she said that sometimes they come good. So she said we can freeze them today if we want but when I asked her what was best she said she would rather wait and just see if they improves. S and I are happy with that. I’m not worried if they drop dead, I’m just OVER THE MOON that I have 2 to put back in today. And 2 good ones at that!

2 Responses

  1. Brenda, all good news. I’m glad that they have 2 good ones for you. Take care of yourself and I have everything crossed here. I’ve been thinking of you, so thanks for the update!

  2. Crossed crossed crossed, I have everything crossed for you. Stick embies stick, you have lovely parents who want you to grow into healthy babies and come join their family…



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