‘Practice Makes Perfect’ & The 2ww

Well I had transfer on Monday.

Such a huge wait at the clinic though. I’m guessing my Dr’s was late in as his house went on fire Sunday night! Rather good he turned up at all if you ask me.

Well all 10 of my embies were still alive. A very big first for me. 4 of them are slow and fragmented. That’s what I normally have put back in. Lol 2 were popped back in. And we had another 4 that are the right amount of cells but a little fragmented. They talked to us about growing them to day 5 and seeing if they lived. We were happy with that as we never have had any to put on ice and after the amount of cycles with crappy embies we have done we were just happy to have 2 good ones back in.

So I have just called the clinic now to see if the 4 ‘arrested’ (I love how they say that about embies. I always want to ask them if they got the paddles out and tried to revive them lol).

The lady I spoke to couldn’t find my file and was gone for a long time. Turns out the scientists were right in the middle of freezing 2 of our embies. This is very exciting news for S and I. We have never grown embies to day 5. Normally the ones we are having put back in are falling apart, but to have to go to blast, we are over the moon. Hell there is a good change they could crock it when they are defrosted, but I don’t even care about that.

I’m just so happy that with all my IVF cycles things seem to get a little better each time.

You know what they say …….”Practice makes perfect”. 🙂

I wasn’t given a date for my bt so I will just have it when I feel like it! Roflol So we are in to another 2ww. Fingers crossed this one brings a nice Christmas gift!

3 Responses

  1. Wow that is brilliant new!! I have my fingers and toes crossed for your 2ww 🙂

  2. Oh Fantastic! Saying a prayer for ya’ll and got Everything crossed.

  3. Brenda,
    I just want to let you know that I’m still around and am hoping the best for you. xoxox

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