Such A Big Build Up But Over In A Few Hours

Well I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas, got lots of goodies, ate loads and if not pg, drank up a storm. We spent Christmas day and Boxing day at Mum and Dads. Had a great time.
We took Frankie with us and after all the playing with the kids she didn’t leave her kennel yesterday till about 5 pm. She was totally stuffed.
S brought me a beautiful diamond ring and some perfume and I got loads of other goodies. I did VERY well. 🙂
After lunch we all jumped in the car and went to Burleigh Heads where Zak’s ashes are. We took some flowers. My nieces couldn’t work out where the balloons were that we took in May. Lol Poor things. 🙂 There were so many people there. We have been thinking of having a plaque made and attaching it to a rock there but we were worried that we might get into trouble as I’m sure your not allowed to but when we went there Xmas day there were 2 other plaques that have been attached since the last time we were there. I’m still very sure your not suppose to attach plaques there but now that someone else has done it S and I have decided we will have one made.
Boxing day was spent eating loads of leftovers, lunch at the pub and then more leftovers.
I cant believe its all over for another year. ONLY ABOUT 363 DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS 2008!

Merry Christmas To You All

Just incase you are all going to be away over the Christmas break I wanted to jump on and wish you all a very Merry & safe Christmas. I hope you all get lots of nice goodies, eat lots and drink even more.

Christmas is a really hard and horrible time for many of us as it is a huge reminder of that little person/s that is missing in our life. I know all of our beautiful bubs will be watching over us and I know none of them would want us to be sad.

To those of you with children, have a wonderful time spoiling them rotten. Christmas is such a special time to have little ones in your life.

Those who are ‘knocked up’, well there shall be no drinking for you! I hope over Christmas you gets lots of rest and have a nice boring time. (I know you all know I mean that in the nicest way).

Those who are still on the rollercoaster ride, drink loads and try and enjoy yourself. Take care of each other and know that I am thinking of you all.

Everyone stay safe and have a wonderful time with your family. I hope the New Year is full of many wonderful things for you all.

Huge hugs!



What To Post When You Have Nothing To Say :)

Well not long till Christmas now!  It would be perfect if I could get it to snow here.  Its been so bloody hot here its not funny.  You know the kind of heat where you just have no energy to do anything??  Everything you do do leaves you in a pool of perspiration and exhausted!  Frankie is really feeling the heat.  She spends most of her days in the sandpit.  Its full of wet sand and I have just been down to sit with her and now I realise why shes always in it.  I think I might get myself a sandpit to sit in.  🙂

S has had the last 3 days off work.  Not normal for him this time of year, but its been nice to have him at home.  When hes home he always gets in and helps heaps around the house and he likes to have a turn at cooking!  That’s the bit I love.  I hate thinking of things to have for dinner.  Its nice to have lunch/dinner made for you.  Food is always nicer when someone else has cooked it  –  I think.

The shops have been mad.  I can not understand for the life of me why ANYONE would leave it till now to do their Christmas shopping.  The thought of lining up with a trolley just makes me sick.

TV has gone to shit though.  Cricket on one channel and golf on another. Cars on another and I’m sure tennis is set to start here really soon as well.  All very boring.  Summer TV is the second worst thing about summer.  Summer is the first! Lol

Once again I have bored you all with a post about nothing.  I had not posted for a while and thought I should give that do still read something.  Even if it was a lot of nothing.

Nothing Much To Say

Ok, so its been a little while but I have just the most boring life at the moment.  Its hot here.  I hate the heat.  And I have done nothing to warrant a post.  I have just been and read all your blogs.  Hope I didn’t miss anyone.

Not long now till Santa comes.  I love Christmas sooooo much.  The one day of the year all my family gets together without any excuses as to why they cant get together.  I love watching my nieces and nephew eye off all the gifts under the tree.  I love the way they open one gift after another without really seeing what was inside.  Just too much excitement.

Christmas day will be spent around the pool, eating and drinking way to much. A few games of pool, and then everyone asleep for the afternoon.  We will all go out to ‘Zak’s place’ (before the drinking starts).  Last year we let balloons go but they had to be blown up the day before as no one was open with helium on Xmas day so the balloons were a little sad looking.  This year I’m just going to get some nice flowers and take down there.

What do you all get up to??