Nothing Much To Say

Ok, so its been a little while but I have just the most boring life at the moment.  Its hot here.  I hate the heat.  And I have done nothing to warrant a post.  I have just been and read all your blogs.  Hope I didn’t miss anyone.

Not long now till Santa comes.  I love Christmas sooooo much.  The one day of the year all my family gets together without any excuses as to why they cant get together.  I love watching my nieces and nephew eye off all the gifts under the tree.  I love the way they open one gift after another without really seeing what was inside.  Just too much excitement.

Christmas day will be spent around the pool, eating and drinking way to much. A few games of pool, and then everyone asleep for the afternoon.  We will all go out to ‘Zak’s place’ (before the drinking starts).  Last year we let balloons go but they had to be blown up the day before as no one was open with helium on Xmas day so the balloons were a little sad looking.  This year I’m just going to get some nice flowers and take down there.

What do you all get up to??


3 Responses

  1. Hey Brenda, I’ll be walking the dog in the woods on Christmas and probably going to the cemetery. Then, we usually have a great dinner at home (just us), but this year we might go out for dim sum instead (all the Chinese restaurants are open here). We don’t do Christmas, but we will get something small for each other, I’m sure. Hope you have a wonderful time, and I’m glad you go to Zak’s place too.

  2. Merry Christmas as I probably won’t get a chance to log on after this and wish it to you at a mor appropriate time.

    Have no idea what will be happening for me this Christmas, will depend on when bubs decides to make an appearance. I have warned my family that if it is too close to Christmas then I really don’t want to travel to Grandma’s and play pass the parcel with baby amongst the 40-odd family members she has for lunch!

    Anyway, hope you enjoy your time (and the heat doesn’t melt you as it is doing to me – even in Melbourne!).

  3. We’ll be running like crazy on Christmas, like usual. Christmas here then my Inlaws, then my parents house. It’s hard to enjoy it much when we’re running here and there. I’m trying to find an Ornament for Zach, I get the kids one every year and I want a really special one for Zach but can’t find what I want. But i’ll keep looking.

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