Such A Big Build Up But Over In A Few Hours

Well I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas, got lots of goodies, ate loads and if not pg, drank up a storm. We spent Christmas day and Boxing day at Mum and Dads. Had a great time.
We took Frankie with us and after all the playing with the kids she didn’t leave her kennel yesterday till about 5 pm. She was totally stuffed.
S brought me a beautiful diamond ring and some perfume and I got loads of other goodies. I did VERY well. 🙂
After lunch we all jumped in the car and went to Burleigh Heads where Zak’s ashes are. We took some flowers. My nieces couldn’t work out where the balloons were that we took in May. Lol Poor things. 🙂 There were so many people there. We have been thinking of having a plaque made and attaching it to a rock there but we were worried that we might get into trouble as I’m sure your not allowed to but when we went there Xmas day there were 2 other plaques that have been attached since the last time we were there. I’m still very sure your not suppose to attach plaques there but now that someone else has done it S and I have decided we will have one made.
Boxing day was spent eating loads of leftovers, lunch at the pub and then more leftovers.
I cant believe its all over for another year. ONLY ABOUT 363 DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS 2008!