To The New Bloggers

I have spent the last few days reading everyones blogs and clicking on their blog lists.  I do this every so often but normally find its the same blogs listed on everyones site.  The last few days I have come across some new blogs.
I feel so sorry for these women.  I remember how hard that first 12 months was, more so towards the 12 month mark.  Just knowing the hard time these couples are going to have makes me so sad.  That helpless feeling you have.  Wishing every night when you go to bed that in the morning you will wake to find its all just been a bad dream.  Frustrated that you can’t change anything and bring your baby home.  Guilt, sadness, feeling alone and just utter despair.  Nothing makes you feel better.  You just have to ride the wave, and just when you think your coping ok, grief sneaks up behind you and slaps you in the face.
I still have bad days, but there are more good days then bad.  In that first 12 months you just cant see an end to the bad.  That sad, guttered feeling seems like it will never leave.
So to all the new girls who have joined the land of blog due to m/c, still birth, neonatal death, I’m thinking of you, feeling so bad for you and wishing like hell for you that you will wake and find its been a bad dream.  Sending you all huge hugs!

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