Me, Robbie Williams & Drugs

I have had the most horrible hayfever this year.  It always hits at Christmas time.  My nose runs, eyes itch, I sneeze ALL day (sneezing all day is like running a marathon – I’m stuffed after the first 20) and the roof of my mouth is so itchy its not funny.
Yesterday I got myself some good old antihistamines.  Within 15 min I was fine.  Perfect even.  I did want to crawl onto the floor and sleep but I wasn’t sneezing.
I took one before I went to bed lastnight.  Fingers were crossed that I wouldn’t wake with no eyes after a night of scratching in my sleep.  All was good this morning. I woke and I could see.
My problem is, I’m not real good on drugs.  I could never be a junkie.  I cant take p.anadol without tripping when I go to bed.  Lastnight after the antihistamine I got engaged to Robbie Williams!  I don’t like RW and I don’t listen to his music, but lastnight we got engaged.  He was gay but he turned for me.  He gave me an engagement ring that I loved.  It was odd looking but hell, it was from my Robbie.  I showed all my friends and family but they all hated it.  Who tells someone they hate their engagement ring???  That’s just rude!
Cant wait to have another pill tonight.  I want to see what kind of a wedding Robbie and I have! Lol
This photo was taken just before he asked me. Roflol

2 Responses

  1. Dude, you *ARE* trippin’….lol:) My step mother would come around and chop off your fingers for that ring. She loves her Robbie!

  2. I love Robbie, I am so jealous. He is hot and naughty. Can I come to the wedding just so I can perve!! How funny. I once had a dream that Ricky Martin was trying to crack onto me and I told him to piss off as I hated men (I was single and over guys at that time). Dream on! Hope your hayfever improves. I know peppermint, lavender and lemon aromatherapy oils help when mixed in olive (or any carrier) oil and rubbed on the soles of your feet but be careful with oils.

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