For Those Who Have A Blogger/Blogspot Account

Just a quick post to those who use blogger.
When my computer crashed I lost my blogger account.
I can no longer sign in.  Some blogspot blogs allow comments
from all blogs such as wordpress (I use wordpress) but some of you have your blogs set to only allow blogspot comments.
It is for this reason I have not been commenting on many of your blogs.
I have however been reading them.  As soon as I can workout how to get my blogger account working again I will be back to posting.

2 Responses

  1. I think I’ve fixed mine now. I didn’t realize it did that!

  2. I will never get all the small details of the internet/blogging/etc. By the way, You’re It! I’ve tagged you and in all your spare time, come to my site to get the instructions. 🙂

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