And The BFP Award Goes To ………..

Sending HUGE BIG FAT CONGRATULATIONS to S & N on their bfp!
I know how hard its been for you both and I just know this is going to be just fine.
Now feet up girl. Bring on the big belly and a vomit bucket! (God I’m all class lol)
PS ……. I’m posting this in blue as a boy is my prediction!!

Hormones & Animal Shows

I’m not very good at watching sad things on TV at the best of times. I have been known to cry through ‘Home & Away’, I cry through ads on TV, hell I even cried through a episode of the ‘Simpson’s ‘ (just typing that made me realise just how emotional and stupid I am). All of this without even being pg. I have always been like that. I’m not the best person to go and see a sad movie with. Lol Not only do I cry, but its a ugly, loud cry. 🙂
Animal shows though are the worst. I just don’t cope well. Between ‘Animal Rescue’ & ‘RSPCA’ my tissues have been running low. Throw in all the hormones and its just not a nice site.
Tonight I was watching a show and a Rotty had eaten a whole box of snail bait! I missed the part where the owners brought their dog to the VET but I did get to see the poor Rotty having its seizures. This poor dog was lying there, having seizures and crying. As much as I know I should have turned the TV off (if S had been home he wouldn’t have let me watch it anyway) I couldn’t. I was desperate to see the dog all better and running in its backyard. It didn’t happen. The owners had to put their dog down. If I thought my hospital visit yesterday had me in tears then today I was hysterical. I thought I was going to be sick. I wanted to crawl into the TV and sit with this poor dog. Pat its ears. Stay with it while they put it to sleep so it wasn’t alone. I don’t think I have ever cried so much as I did watching this show tonight.
Think I might get myself a good book and leave the TV off!

Protected: My Little Hospital Visit

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Some Just Dont Think

I really have been putting off posting what I’m about to say as I don’t know who reads my blog and really don’t want to upset anyone or make them feel bad.  BUT ……..  I have been going over it in my head everyday for a couple of weeks now and I just need to get it out.
My family has always talked about Zak like hes an important member of our family.  Everyone in my family have photos up of him around the house and that’s how it should be.  He is S and my first baby.  He is our son and any children we go on to have will know him as their older brother. My brother and sisters kids talk about him all the time.
On a couple of occasions though there has been a comment made (I’m not sure how to put this with out dobbing in family members who are not from my side of the family so I guess I just wont try ha ha) that make me feel like some don’t class him as a baby, let alone a family member.  I try and let comments like this go and not think about them too much but they hurt.  Like I said though, there has only been a couple.  I’m 100% sure that those who made the comments not only didn’t mean to upset me but probably didn’t even think about what they were saying.
The other day while talking to ‘a family member’ the topic of ‘bub #2’ came up.  The thing is, this family members comments were ‘ I cant wait for this baby to be born.  It will be my FIRST ___ ‘ (Have edited out that bit so its not so obvious who I’m talking about)
This baby is not going to be their ‘FIRST ______ ‘.  Bub will be their second.  Zak is their first!  I know they probably just didn’t think, but its not the first time a comment like this has been said to me.  These comments have not even been made by the same person.  Two people on two different occasions have made this kind of comment.
I know I am just being silly and no one has meant to hurt me but these kind of comments actually make me sick to the stomach.

Protected: Happy That ‘They’ Are Smiling

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An Early Easter Message To You All

I know I’m a few days early but S will be home over Easter and I’m not sure if I will be online very often.
I just wanted to wish you all a Easter filled with loads of sugar, family and friends.
Stay safe over the Easter break. Eat and drink plenty.
And remember to keep the side door unlocked. Unlike Santa, the Easter Bunny needs a door to come in. 🙂
Happy Holidays!

My Slideshow Of Zak

I’m not very good on the computer when it comes to downloading things and codes but over the last year I have seen so many wonderful slideshows of so many beautiful bubs and I have always wanted to make one for Zak.
The problem is S is the clever one in our house but I couldn’t ask him to help me as I just knew it would upset him to much.  Today he was out for a few hours so I thought I would have a play and see what I could do.  Its nothing like the wonderful ones I have seen on other blogs but hey, I tried!  🙂
Your all probably sick to death of seeing these photos but as Zak’s mum I have to say I could look at them 100 times a day. Now if I could just work out how to keep it at the top of my blog page I would be a happy women!

Memories Of Our Little Man

Click to play Memories Of Zak
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Make a slideshow – it’s easy!

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Some Dribble About Nothing Much

I’m having a very boring day today. I just don’t know what to do with myself.
S will be home in a hour and we will probably take Frankie to the new dog park that has opened around the corner from our house. We use to take her to another one but it was a good 20 min drive. The other day on the way there we saw the new one that is about a 5 min walk from our house. Its really nice and there are lots of dogs there. Yesterday when we took her there was the biggest dog I had ever seen. It looked like a horse!!! He was the most beautiful dog and just so gentle. Poor Frankie took one look at him (she is use to being one of the bigger dogs) and she just about crapped herself. He sniffed her once and she was off. Tale between the legs, jumped on a seat with some lady who was there and shook so hard. I felt sick for her. I have NEVER seen her so scared. He didn’t do anything to her but I’m sure she was trying to work out why something the size of a cow was in with all the dogs!
For Christmas us kids got our Mum and Dad a couple of nights away at this B&B about 2 hours from here. Mum and Dad booked themselves in for today and tomorrow and Mum has just called me to say how beautiful it is there. Its not like other B&B’s where to are in someones house. They are in their own wing, with their own bathroom, 3 bedrooms and Mum said she has just given Dad strict instructions hes not to drink the port that was left for them and then try and play the piano that’s in their lounge. Ha ha
S got the job he went for and starts next Monday. Hes very excited. Its a very busy store so he will no longer be bored at work. I think this is just what he needs.
I have had a few emails about the ‘photo post’ and I have to say I’m so shocked at how many of you did not get photos of your beautiful bubs. Just thinking about you all not having lots of photos makes me feel a little sick. We didn’t have anything professional done at the time but we did have our own camera there so took hundreds. The hospital also took many photos for me the first day because I couldn’t see Zak right away because of the c section and then they even took more for us even though we had our own camera. I think its really sad that more hospitals don’t automatically do this. For many couples, a camera is the last thing they think to pack when things turn to shit. There is a lady who takes professional photos at the hospitals around here. We didn’t know about her at the time but I sent her a photo I took at the hospital and she did some tricky stuff with it and we did end up with a beautiful professional photo. So for all of you who did not get very many (or any) photos of your babies I am so very sorry.
This is not a very good copy of the photo we had done but it gives you a idea as to what can be done.