Some Dribble About Nothing Much

I’m having a very boring day today. I just don’t know what to do with myself.
S will be home in a hour and we will probably take Frankie to the new dog park that has opened around the corner from our house. We use to take her to another one but it was a good 20 min drive. The other day on the way there we saw the new one that is about a 5 min walk from our house. Its really nice and there are lots of dogs there. Yesterday when we took her there was the biggest dog I had ever seen. It looked like a horse!!! He was the most beautiful dog and just so gentle. Poor Frankie took one look at him (she is use to being one of the bigger dogs) and she just about crapped herself. He sniffed her once and she was off. Tale between the legs, jumped on a seat with some lady who was there and shook so hard. I felt sick for her. I have NEVER seen her so scared. He didn’t do anything to her but I’m sure she was trying to work out why something the size of a cow was in with all the dogs!
For Christmas us kids got our Mum and Dad a couple of nights away at this B&B about 2 hours from here. Mum and Dad booked themselves in for today and tomorrow and Mum has just called me to say how beautiful it is there. Its not like other B&B’s where to are in someones house. They are in their own wing, with their own bathroom, 3 bedrooms and Mum said she has just given Dad strict instructions hes not to drink the port that was left for them and then try and play the piano that’s in their lounge. Ha ha
S got the job he went for and starts next Monday. Hes very excited. Its a very busy store so he will no longer be bored at work. I think this is just what he needs.
I have had a few emails about the ‘photo post’ and I have to say I’m so shocked at how many of you did not get photos of your beautiful bubs. Just thinking about you all not having lots of photos makes me feel a little sick. We didn’t have anything professional done at the time but we did have our own camera there so took hundreds. The hospital also took many photos for me the first day because I couldn’t see Zak right away because of the c section and then they even took more for us even though we had our own camera. I think its really sad that more hospitals don’t automatically do this. For many couples, a camera is the last thing they think to pack when things turn to shit. There is a lady who takes professional photos at the hospitals around here. We didn’t know about her at the time but I sent her a photo I took at the hospital and she did some tricky stuff with it and we did end up with a beautiful professional photo. So for all of you who did not get very many (or any) photos of your babies I am so very sorry.
This is not a very good copy of the photo we had done but it gives you a idea as to what can be done.

3 Responses

  1. Awww I can just imagine your poor scared fur-baby. Hope she gets over her fear of the bigger dog soon!

    I would love to get the details of the woman that takes pics in the hospitals there. Can you email me her details please???

  2. Ditto, poor Frankie 😦 and who is the photographer?

    ~ jill ~

  3. Poor darling Frankie!

    You have so many beautiful pics of Zak, it’s wonderful to see them each time.

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