Hormones & Animal Shows

I’m not very good at watching sad things on TV at the best of times. I have been known to cry through ‘Home & Away’, I cry through ads on TV, hell I even cried through a episode of the ‘Simpson’s ‘ (just typing that made me realise just how emotional and stupid I am). All of this without even being pg. I have always been like that. I’m not the best person to go and see a sad movie with. Lol Not only do I cry, but its a ugly, loud cry. 🙂
Animal shows though are the worst. I just don’t cope well. Between ‘Animal Rescue’ & ‘RSPCA’ my tissues have been running low. Throw in all the hormones and its just not a nice site.
Tonight I was watching a show and a Rotty had eaten a whole box of snail bait! I missed the part where the owners brought their dog to the VET but I did get to see the poor Rotty having its seizures. This poor dog was lying there, having seizures and crying. As much as I know I should have turned the TV off (if S had been home he wouldn’t have let me watch it anyway) I couldn’t. I was desperate to see the dog all better and running in its backyard. It didn’t happen. The owners had to put their dog down. If I thought my hospital visit yesterday had me in tears then today I was hysterical. I thought I was going to be sick. I wanted to crawl into the TV and sit with this poor dog. Pat its ears. Stay with it while they put it to sleep so it wasn’t alone. I don’t think I have ever cried so much as I did watching this show tonight.
Think I might get myself a good book and leave the TV off!

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  2. Ugh, I hear you – I cry more over animals than people too which is worrying. I’ve actually had to ban myself from watching certain shows through my pregnancy – some of the top of that list are “A Baby Story,” “Bringing Home Baby” and most anything to do with injured animals.

  3. I am the exact same way with the animal shows, even moreso if it’s a dog. I cannot watch them, I can’t even read the preview in the Foxtel guide thingy.

    I couldn’t even read your whole post, or I know I’ll totally lose it.

    I have a rotti too.

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