Frankie The Frog Loving Dog

Frankie is a beautiful dog. She has a beautiful nature but she really is not right in the head.
She eats ants, chases grasshoppers, moths and bees. If she can catch them she will eat them. Thankgod she has not been able to catch a bee yet but many moths have become lunch. She taps the crickets with her paws but craps herself when they jump at her. Running away to hind under the BBQ table.
Lately though she has a new habit. We have had loads of rain and our backyard has become home to many green tree frogs. Now no one panic, for some reason she doesn’t eat them, but she does catch them and carry them around in her mouth! Shes very gentle with them but obviously they crap themselves and just about every night for the last 2 or 3 weeks S has had to jump to the rescue of a crying frog. (Yes they make a terrible crying sound in her mouth)
Shes very good at bringing them over to him and dropping them at his feet. I personally think the sensation of a frog in your mouth moving around would be bloody horrible and for the life of me I can not work out why she carries them around and doesn’t hurt them. I mean its great she doesn’t hurt them but odd all the same that she feels the need to eat a big grasshopper but befriend a frog and carry it around screaming in her mouth.
So S saves the frogs, brings them inside, washes all the nice ‘dog spit’ off them and then relocates them to the front yard where there is a large amount of bugs for them to eat but no VERY loving dog!