A Challenge For You All

I have a challenge for you all.
I challenge all the lurkers to de lurk!
Each day I see how many visits my blog gets and I cant believe that there are that many people out there reading my posts with no opinion on what I’m saying. So if your out there and reading my thoughts, I would love to hear from you.
It would also give me the chance to find some new blogs to read. I love hunting through everyone’s ‘blog rolls’ to find and share others stories. I must admit that most I read are VERY sad but its always nice to know others are out there who know just how I’m feeling. So come out from hiding. 🙂

8 Responses

  1. I stalk you all the time!!!

  2. I read you every day because I am your Lost and Found clicker! Hi! I usually don’t comment though, so that I will have time to read all my “assigned blogs.”

  3. I have to admit — I’m a lurker. An old lurker. Once upon a time, during my childbearing years, I was an infertile. At that time, 45 years ago, there weren’t very many successful treatments for those of us who couldn’t conceive. We were told to “relax, it will happen.” or “What are you waiting for??” or later, “Why don’t you adopt? Then you’ll be SURE to have one of your own.” After a very emotional loss at nearly 11w, I was told “Don’t worry! You’ll have another baby to replace that one…” And then they wondered why I cried all the time and lived on the edge of a nervous breakdown.

    Recently, near the 43rd anniversary of my loss date, I discovered the blogosphere and all the sites about miscarriage, and the stories just blew me away. I had so many “a-ha” moments. All these years, literally over 40 years, I didn’t realize that what I was feeling was normal. That women today feel exactly the same way I felt so many years ago! I wish I had had just one friend, just one!, who understood my feelings then and knew what I had been through. I even had to laugh at myself when I read the blog of a newly pregnant young woman who was having some slight cramping and she described running to the bathroom every few minutes to “check for red.” I thought, my God, that was ME ~ how many years ago??? All this time I thought I was the only one who was SO CRAZY that they did this! Believe me, reading these blogs has been an education for me. At the same time, I haven’t felt comfortable commenting alot. So, I lurk. But I’m very impressed by “the young and infertile.” You seem to lift each other up and give each other strength. I admire you all.

  4. I am not a lurker so much as a sporadic commenter…but yes I am reading, just to be clear!

  5. Hi its me ange in Brisbane. often wondering am i aloud to read your password protected and if so how do i do so. hope you are going well and think of you…

  6. Hi Brenda,
    I do lurk, and have wanted to comment before now but couldn’t quite work out how to get past the protected password function thingy to say hello… I is not clever! But everything I have that can be crossed, is tightly crossed for you. I do so hope everything works out wonderfully.
    Have just started my own blog a few days back,
    and am in the process of adding links to the blogs around whom I lurk. I found Julie at a Little Pregnant a couple of years ago & started exploring from there. Mine isn’t a sad blog, although I’m fully expecting more reproductive disasters as we try for number 2. Anyway, nice to talk to you!
    Kind Regards,

  7. Hi!

    It’s me…Jen. I’ve been lurking WAY more than writing/commenting for the past few months. I check on you several times a week to see how you’re doing and am VERY glad all is well.

  8. Hi, I think I may have commented before, I just lose track of where I’ve left comments. I have put you on my blogroll so read all updates. I just don’t often have time to leave comments as I sneak in my reads at work so it is normally a rush job. I lost my daughter in 2006 and found a lot of solace in reading blogs of parents who have lost little ones.

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