The Password

I have had a few email’s over the last week asking me for the password to my protected posts.
Once again I just want to say that I have no problem with anyone reading them.  They are simply password protected so those who DON’T want to read my pg updates do have them in their face every time they open my blog.
For those who would like to read the updates the password is – sunshine

2 Responses

  1. Hey, I am your Lost and Found Clicker. I usually don’t ask for passwords because I figure that if you protected it, you don’t want the world in general knowing about it. But since this isn’t the case here, do you want me to send in those updates to Lost and Found? Just send me a quick email and let me know what you prefer. jenniferelaine11 at yahoo.

  2. Brenda, big congratulations to you.
    I don’t have the password and would like it.
    Can you please post it on my blog or email it to me:

    Thanks! I am really so happy this worked out for you!

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