Big Hugs To My Nephew

I’m not sure if I have ever posted about my one year old nephew but when he was born it was discovered that one of his eye’s had stopped developing at about 4-5 months gestation. The eye is much smaller than his ‘good one’ so it also looks like he has a ‘lazy’ eye as he cant open it as much as the other. He is also blind in that eye.
Rather than take his ‘bad’ eye out and put a artificial eye in they have made a ‘cap’ to fit over his eye. It doesn’t change the fact that he cant see out of that eye but it is the same size as his good eye so it forces his eye open. It looks just like a normal eye. You cant tell he has a cap over his eye and if you didn’t know about his problem you would never know he had a problem. The ‘cap’ moves around over his ‘broken’ eye so when hes looking around his eye moves like his good eye. Its all really rather clever.
Over the last few days he has been sick. My sisters family have all come done with the flu so everyone just though that was what he had as well. She was having trouble waking him and he was very lethargic and sleeping all day. Yesterday he was rushed to hospital and it was discovered his has a massive infection around the ‘bad’ eye. The infection is so bad it has spread through his whole body.
Last night after a head scan and blood tests they told my sister the infection is a really strong one and that if it had been in his ‘good’ eye it probably would have made him blind. They also told her that if they had not found the infection when they did it would have gone to his brain and that would have been fatal!
I have not spoken to my sister today to my sister today but last night he was a VERY sick little man.
I’m hoping that after a night of drugs he will be much better today and full of his normal beans.
Little UpdateI just talked to my sister. He is actually worse today.  She said the rash is really bad and he is covered big time.  The Dr’s have said that the antibiotics will take probably another 12 – 24 hours to kick in.  They said the infection is not ‘in’ his blind eye yet but it is borderline.  Once it gets into the actual eye that’s when it could possible go to his brain.  So we are hoping the drugs kick in before it gets any closer to his eye and that they have him on the right antibiotics.  I did have a little talk to my nephew on the phone.  (He loves the phone)  He seemed quiet but still happy in himself.

3 Responses

  1. OMG, that’s terrifying! My thoughts and best wishes for a full and speedy recovery ((hugs))

  2. Oh thats so scary – sending lots of get well vibes and SPEEDY ones at that.

  3. Poor baby…I hope that he gets better soon!

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