Another Nephew Update

Mum has just called me to say she is at the hospital to see my nephew.
She said he seems a little better though his eye is still so swollen that it doesn’t open.
I’m not sure when they will be able to pop his ‘cap’ back in over his bad eye. He is still on a drip and having antibiotics through it. The Dr’s have said he will be in for a few more days if not longer.
Just for a bit of background info, the hospital he is at (biggest main hospital where my sister lives) is the hospital that I delivered Zak at, hours after he was suppose to be delivered.
Also my sister had my nephew there and when he was born she told them there was something wrong with his eye. They told her many times during the week she was there with him that there was nothing wrong with hit. Apparently 2 different pediatricians had a look at it and said it was all fine. (That part I find a huge worry)
Once she was home she went straight to her GP (our wonder Dr. He also was the one that was happy to test S and I re baby making when other Dr’s make you wait 12 months. He tested us as soon as we asked) and asked him to have a look at my nephews eye and right away said there was something wrong with it and had her booked in to a eye specialist that week. A worry really that a major hospital (2 specialists) can look at a new born eye and say all is fine when in reality it was SO much smaller than the other due to it not developing past 4 months gestation and it also being a blind eye.

3 Responses

  1. It’s also the same hospital that missed my daughter’s broken leg. I hope they have better luck with the docs this time:(

  2. I hope he makes a strong recovery!

  3. Good Lord. That is hideous that a large hospital is so very lacking in skill. I hope your nephew does well with his recovery. Thinking of you and yours.

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