Mothers Day

Well today is Mothers Day. A wonderful day for most but for some of us its just plain shit!
Its a day that some of us can get through knowing we had a few moments of parenthood but for most its a day that we just wish would go away.
I truly do believe though that all of us that belong to ‘that group’ (no matter how we got to be members) have the right to celebrate Mothers Day just like those with living little people. I know its hard and sad but I still want to wish you all a peaceful Mothers Day. You are all Mums and you all deserve to do something nice for the day. I hope you all get to spend some special time with your partners. Know that your little people will be watching over you with big grins on their faces.
To those with living children, may your day be full of giggles, goodies and loads of cuddles.
I will be thinking of you all.

One Response

  1. Hope you have a peaceful mothers day Brenda, remembering Zac and nurturing your Little Miss.

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