Men Can Be So Silly

S rings me from work yesterday. He is at a shopping center buying some stuff for work.
He goes to park the work Ute in the undercover car park. (The Ute has a top built onto it so they can carry stock around without it getting wet and so on and it also has some kind of ugly ‘cone’ thing on it. I’m sure men would say its on there for a reason, I just think it looks bloody horrible ha ha)
Anyway … he drives into the car park the top of the Ute takes out the ‘low clearance’ sign and a set of lights! The Ute is now stuck. Wedged between the ground and the roof of the car park. πŸ™‚
Cars are lined up behind him trying to get into the car park. (God people are stupid. I’m sure a Ute wedged to the roof with broken lights all around is a good sign no one is getting past)
A friendly man and his wife stop to help. The wife stands at the car park entrance and directs all the dick heads to another car park opening. The friendly man and S have to let down all the tires to try and lower the Ute so it can be moved. This would work fine but the ‘ugly cone’ is half ripped off/half stuck to the car park roof. Good job friendly man has a electric drill in his car. He removed the ‘ugly cone’ but the Ute is still stuck. By this time a group of security guards have arrived (with camera for insurance purposes – yeah right). One of the security guards sits in the back of the Ute with ‘friendly man’. Ute is finally low enough to be un wedged.
S’s reason for ringing me and telling me this story ……… He said he knew how much I hated the ‘cone’ on the roof of the Ute and wanted to tell me I no longer have to look at it!
Good job his boss thought the story was the funniest thing he had ever heard. πŸ™‚

2 Responses

  1. Ah that sounds like something my Scott would do! Too funny.

  2. That is so funny! Glad I wasn’t in one of the cars behind him!

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