15th May 2006 – A Much Wanted & Loved Baby Boy Was Born

Zak would have been 2 years old today. He would have been opening up loads of presents, having a party with family and friends, running around with his cousins, eating too many lollies, blowing out candles and eating cake. But he’s not. He’s not here where he should be. He’s not playing with new toys. He’s gone!
I feel sick, sad, angry, pissed off BIG time and guilty.
Today we are off to the beautiful beach where Zak’s ashes were scattered. We are going with my family. We will take some balloons and then we will wonder down to the BBQ tables and have dinner together. One little person will be missing but definitely not forgotten.
Happy second birthday beautiful boy. You are so very, very missed but talked about often and loved always.
Love Mummy & Daddy

8 Responses

  1. Happy Birthday Zak! Your mama has shared your story with all of us. You are in our hearts and thoughts!

  2. Happy birthday sweet boy – you are most certainly NOT forgotten. I hope the weather stays nice for your birthday dinner. (((hugs Brenda)))

  3. I’m so sorry…I wish I could give you a *real* hug in person…but since I can’t please know that I’m sending you all my empathetic thoughts and prayers. I have no idea how you must be feeling, I can’t even imagine…you are an amazingly strong woman. I admire your character and strength…your next child is very lucky to be getting such an awesome mom!

  4. Happy Birthday little man. Catch the balloons mummy and daddy are sending you and shower them with kisses.

  5. Thinking of you. xx

  6. Happy (belated) birthday sweet Zak

  7. I’m so sorry I’m so late to this Brenda.
    Happy Birthday Zak I do hope you liked the balloons

    hugs x x x

  8. Happy birthday sweet Zach. I’m sure that Your Zach and mine are looking down on us today and everyday sending all their love and kisses. I’m sending You lots of hugs sweetie.

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