Our Afternoon At ‘Zak’s Place’

Wanted to thank you all so much for all your kind comments for Zak, S & I. It just amazes me how there is so much support from so many people who I have never met. To think we all live all over the world but we can be there for each other like we live 5 minutes down the road.
We had a really nice afternoon. We met all our family where Zak’s ashes are scattered and let 2 blue balloons go for him.
We also had some flowers and S and my sister took them down to the water and then we went and had something for dinner. It wasn’t morbid or depressing. Just nice to be with family.
S just wanted you to know we got a beautiful hot pink balloon for Chloe. I will email you all the extra pics we took. Here is just a couple.
M-A we also got Piper, Laine, Houdini & Grover a balloon each. I cant begin to tell you how tangled all these balloons get in the back of our car. 🙂

7 Responses

  1. what beautiful day you had together…

  2. Lovely. (Sigh)

  3. Beautiful.

  4. Nice to hear you had a peaceful day. Laurents 2nd birthday was a month before Zaks and it was a surreal day. Hard to believe it’s been 2 years.

  5. Shiny lovely balloons! Glad to see the helium performed for you this time. I thought it was ultimate in bittersweet when people *kindly* brought them back to you before.

  6. what a lovely event, brenda, and how thoughtful of you to include all those babies in your ceremony.
    Thinking of you, zak and all yoru family.

  7. Hi Brenda,

    What a lovely way to remember your little boy.

    Have just been catching up on your blog. So glad to hear everything is going well with your daughter. I think of you much more often than am able to check online, and am very happy you are doing well.


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