The Cough Is Gone

I think its safe to say Frankie is feeling much better. I have not heard her cough all day. She has been very spoilt these last few days and been aloud to spend her days inside. We have still been making her sleep in her kennel outside at night because lets face it, an outside dog left to run around indoors at night is just asking for trouble. Today is the end of her inside time though. I have never swept up so much dog hair in my life. If I had a couple of those wobbly eyes you can buy at craft stores I could glue them to my dog hair piles and have an extra couple of pets! 🙂 Anyway, shes getting restless inside. She loves it outside where she can chase the birds and watch the planes fly over. (Yes she watches the planes, walks while shes doing it until she runs into something. I often wonder what shes thinking when she does this lol)
She still has another 8 days of antibiotics, another 1.5 weeks away from the dog park but shes looking much better.