Just For A Moment I Forgot How To Walk

Ok, I have tried hard to catch up with everyone.  Hard work though.  🙂
Friday saw me going for a little tumble.  Well it was little but shit it seemed to take me what felt like 10 minutes to hit the ground.  I’m not even sure how I come to crash to the ground but it happened.  I wasn’t even doing anything.  Just walking from the sun into the shade in the backyard.  I always thought it was funny when pg women said they fell over.  Just because your pg doesn’t mean you forget how to walk!  Well I seemed to forget for a split second.
I’m not sure if I tripped or what.  It all happened so fast.  I was lucky to land on my hands and knees and not my tummy.  I then seemed to scoot over onto my back.  My poor dog (who would normally jump all over you if you got on the ground) came and sat next to me and just looked at me like I was stupid.
All is ok though.  I lost some skin on one of my hands and both my knees and I had a HUGE headache but I think that was due to the fact I just about shit myself.  God I got a fright.  I came inside and even cried.  I found that strange because I wasn’t hurt.  I did wake up the next morning though with a rather swollen foot.
I think I will spend the next week on the couch, not doing much and probably giving walking around the yard a miss.  🙂

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  1. What a scare. You do that – stay on the couch!

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