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Just Look At Her Beautiful Photos (Jills)

On Tues S and I were so very lucky to get to meet Jill. Before I had Georgia she offered to take her photo once she was here. Well Tues was our lucky day. We took Georgia over for her own little photo shoot. It was so nice to catch up with someone I have been chatting with on line for so long and so very special that we were able to have Georgia’s photos taken by her. If you pop over to Jill’s photography site you can have a sneaky look at just a couple of photos she took of Georgia. They are just beautiful and I cant wait to see the rest of them.
Thanks so muck Jill for taking the time to take such beautiful photos. It was great to catch up. My Mum & Dad LOVE the photos!

Baby Quest Update

Just had some more info on S at ‘Baby Quest’.  She was moved the other day to the maternity unit but was still leaking fluid.  Well today her fluid level has dropped even more but all her blood tests show no sign of any infection.  She is not coping very well as you can all imagine.  I really hope her Dr’s can give her some good news soon.  I’m sure she is a total mess.  Fingers crossed that S & N get some good luck their way soon so they can stop worrying for 5 minutes.

Protected: Who Knew ‘Vans’ Came In Her Size

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Someone Came Before You

I have heard that the book ‘ Someone Came Before You’ is a really great book to get for your child that comes after you have had one die. I have looked at all the bookshops in Australia (on line as well as actual book shops) and we don’t have it here.
Have any of you read it? Is it any good? Would you recommend it? Also can someone in the US tell me if its a book that you can buy anywhere over there or is it something you just get on line? Does anyone know what book shops will send international?? Your help would be greatly appreciated. 🙂

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Thankyou & Small Update On ‘Baby Quest’

Thank you all so much for all the lovely comments about Georgia.  (To those who have been praying for us, yes I know I don’t believe but I still think its VERY nice of you all to include us in your prays.  So thank you for that also)
I do have to agree with you all.  Georgia does look just like Zak.  She has his dimple, his hair and his nose and you would think his ears were taken from him and glued to her head.  Its very bitter sweet to see your new baby look so much like the baby you don’t have living with you.  I try not to get upset when I look at her but sometimes its very hard.
We even have photos of her that are the same photo we have of Zak.  Same position, looking just like they could be the same baby.  I guess the biggest thing I’m having trouble with ATM is when she is sleeping.  You know how baby’s sleep sometimes with their mouths open?  You can hear them breathing.  Something that should be the sweetest sound.  Well sometimes I look at her and for a split second I’m reminded of Zak once we took him off the ventilator.  Him lying there with his little mouth open, struggling hard to breath.  It sends a shiver down my spin and for a very quick moment I go into panic and want to vomit.
I guess these moments will forever sneak up when I least expect them.
S is still in hospital.  She has been told she will be there at least until she is 24 weeks.  So far all is ok.  Though I think she is truly bored out of her brain.  Will let you all know when I hear more.  🙂

A Update From ‘Baby Quest’

Well S and N over at Baby Quest have been having a VERY stressful couple of days.
S has a leak in her waters but it is small and the Dr’s think it will mend itself.  She had a stitch popped in yesterday afternoon and was told there was a 50% chance that bub would still be inside and fine when she woke.  She is 18 weeks.
Things seem to have gone well with the stitch but she has been told the next 24 hours will give them all a better idea as to how things will go.  Shes staying in hospital on bed rest.  Not sure for how long but I think they should keep her in there until she has bub!
Will let you all know if I hear any more.

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Protected: A Little Update

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