‘Baby Quest’ Update

Just letting you all know that so far so good with S.
I asked her last night if they were going to be sending her home once shes at 24 weeks (I think she is now) but she said they have told her she is in now until bub comes.  THANKGOD  for that I say.  Someone there has a brain!

Shes going to be having steroids and they are waiting for a bed in Melb to move her to.
I’m guessing where she is doesn’t really have a NICU ward for VERY prem bubs.

Another ‘Baby Quest’ Update

Please all keep your fingers crossed for S & N at Baby Quest.
Last night S woke at 2 am in pain (she is in hospital and is staying there till she reaches 24 weeks.  She is currently 22 week 4 days) and found she was loosing lots of fluid.  A scan this morning shows small pockets of fluid but not much.  She hasn’t lost anymore today but she is still in a bit of pain.
Will keep you all updated.

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