A Very Quick Entrance Into The World

Sorry everyone for my disappearing act.  We went on a holiday to see the in laws and only got back yesterday.
Wouldn’t you know it, the first few days we are away I get more new on S & N and have no way to tell you all.
Maxx Cooper was born at 25 weeks on the 24th August weighing 845g and 32 cm long after S experiencing the rather terrifying  prolapsed cord.  No one panic.  He is doing rather fine! 🙂
He has graduated to a humidity crib, has open his eyes for his Mum and Dad and S has been able to change his nappy.
He will have a long stay in hospital but for now things are good and that’s all that matters. I wont post S’s birth story as I’m sure she will want to tell it when she gets 5 min to herself.
Welcome to the world ‘little’ Maxx.  You have been so wanted and so hard to get.