Update From ‘Baby Quest’

The below is cut and pasted from an email S sent to a support group we are member of. Thought I would share her little update with you all ………….

‘Maxx is now off the bigger breathing machine and onto the smaller one and with any luck by mid week next week the tube may come out of his throat and he will have the 2 little prongs up his nose, but still we don’t want to rush anything and glad he has taken this next step. He is now off all medications & over all had a really good day.On a shitier note some F#$%ing low life broke into N’s car smashing the back window and stole his work laptop which happened to have all of Maxx’s video’s on it that he had downloaded the night before to back up to a disk last night. We are greatful he hadn’t downloaded the one of him opening his eyes. I just don’t get these scum of the earth. We know he shouldn’t of left it in there but as he said he had other things on his mind.’

S & N asked me to thank you all for your kind words and wishes. S will be writting a short ‘novel’ soon on her blog to fill you all in on whats been happening over the last 9 weeks. I’m sure she will post a photo or two as well. 🙂

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