S&N Give A Update On Little Maxx

Below is a post S sent through to another group on Maxx.  Thought you would all like to see how he is going.  Also if you pop over to her blog you can have a look at another couple of photos of Maxx.  🙂

I rang the hospital just before 7 this morning to check on our little boy only to be told that Maxx has graduated up a bay to bay 6(Bay 7 & 8 are intensive care)!!!  OMG we can’t believe it and as much as it’s a good thing it’s a end of alot of memories in that room and our favourite nurses. It’s also a scary time for us as they don’t use alot of intensive care nurses in the other bays.

The Dr’s came around last night and told us that they will start his hourly trial off air very   soon.  I also got to bath him with Nathan and omg this baby is made for water, not one cry, was kicking his feet around and almost feel asleep lmao.

This means we’re another step closer to bring him home.  We are so proud of him and what he has achieved.  So know I am the new mummy in a new bay lol.

Thought I would share.



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