Maxx Update – Writen By S From Baby Quest

Maxx was moved into a different bed yesterday, it’s the one that when a woman gives birth they put the baby in it to wheel around. It’s a bit small as he hits his hands on the sides but he’ll get use to it. The Dr’s have decided that the feeding tube will come out next week and he will start on sucking feeds whether it be bottle or nipple, although not much in the old boobs I’m afraid but I will be happy bottle feeding.

They also took most of his leads off his chest and now just has one on his foot which measures his oxygen and heart. I tell ya it’s all happening at once and I’m just trying not to get so excited that I am gonna give myself an anxiety attack and I don’t even have anxiety attacks LMAO!!

Well today I walked into his bay only to find him not there…….

….Maxx has moved into Bay 2!!!!  And you know what Bay 1 is the last!!  I knew it was in the pipe line but didn’t think it would be that quick.  Tomorrow they are going to take out his feeding tube that goes past his tummy and put in the nasal gastric one and start him on bottle feeds to see how he copes.  Think they are going to do one feed through bottle and the next through his tube.  He had a bath and a weigh today and has put on another 90g in 2 days which now takes him over 2.8kg or now over 6lb!!  Funny he may sound big but when you compair him to other new borns he still so small…………but so loveable!