Portrait Of An Angel

On Friday night my sister gave S and I the most beautiful pastel drawing of Zak. It was done by the very clever Rachel from Portrait Of An Angel.

She was give a couple of photos of Zak and I have to say she did a fantastic job.  I have been asked by many girls in the past if I knew of anyone who did ‘angel’ drawings.  I have looked before and only ever come across people in the US.

Rechel is on the Gold Coast Australia though due to the internet and the fact she can work her magic from a photo you could live anywhere in the world.

S and I are very lucky to have the many photos we have of Zak but for anyone who has just a handful or even photos they feel they cant put on their wall a drawing would make a wonderful option.

So if your interested take a look at her site.  (Please be patient as I have been told that those who don’t have fast speed may find the page takes a little while to load, though I had no problems)

I have tried to take a photo of the portrait of Zak but because it is framed and has a glass in front the image does not do any justice to the drawing but it will give you an idea.


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