A Maxx Update

Below is a post for S from ‘Baby Quest’.  It is a update on Maxx and I thought many of you would like to read the wonderful news.

Hi All,

For those that didn’t know, Maxx had his off oxygen test last night.  I got a call from his respitory spec today and our kick arse boy is now off oxygen permanently! !!

Think we are still in shock as we were told that being a 25 week preemie who virtually had no lungs and that we badly scared would be on oxygen till about 2yrs of age and here he is nearly 10 months and no longer needs it!  We are so proud that I just cried.  This baby has come such a long way and been through so much.

And even better I can now just chuck him in the car without all his oxygen bottles etc!!!!  And the best thing now is his face has time to heal from all the tapes and prongs.

One happy mummy here.


2 Responses

  1. That’s So wonderful! Thanks so much for the update on them

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