Web Site To The Camping Ground

G in such a short space of time I have had a heap of you email me about the camping ground we are going to.  Well below is the link :

Kingscliff North Holiday Park

We are going to Kingscliff North but there are 7 different parks all within maybe 1 hour of each other operated by Tweed Coast Holiday Parks.  You can click on the different parks and you will get details of the accommodation.  Not all the parks have the Safari Tents.  Kingscliff North and Hastings Point are the only 2 parks with them.  We are not going till May. One of my favorite times of the year.  It’s nice and cool but still sunny enough for Georgia to play in the sand at the beach.

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  1. Love the new look of your blog

    • Thanks Jackie
      I have been wanting a change for a while but Im not very clever at the whole blog thing and every time I change something I lost stuff. As it is my ‘post headings’ are in white and hard to see but WordPress has said that I need some special thing to change that and well, thats all a little hard’

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