Big Feet HELP!!!

Ok, this is so off topic it’s not funny but I’m DESPERATE and don’t know what else to do but ask here.  S has big feet.  Not the biggest feet in the world, I’m sure many have bigger feet, but they are big.  He is a US 16.  So we have the whole shoe thing sorted.  Took a while but we have done it.  Now what I am trying to find (and am convinced doesn’t exist) is a pair of size 16 rubber thongs (flip flops to those in the US I think)

I have tried ever tall/big shoe store here in Oz I can find and all I can get is a US13.  Thats what he has now and his foot hangs over by about 1.5 inches and looks really uncomfortable.  I did find a surf shop here in OZ that had size 16 in there mens thong (flip flop) section but discovered that even though I was looking in the mens section for some reason it was womens 16 and that their mens Hava1anas only went to a 12.

I just can’t understand why I can’t get bigger than a 13.  I can’t believe  S is  the only male in the world with big feet that would like to be able to throw on a pair of summer rubber pluggers for around the house or for down the beach.

I’m not after ‘flash’ thongs, just the simple rubber plain thongs in the photo above.  I have tried to look on the net at US sites but still have no luck.  If anyone out there in blog land knows where I can get large rubber thongs from I would be forever in your debt if you could post the info.

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  1. I just called a surf store and they said sometimes Billabong do a size 15. I looked at some size conversion charts but it didn’t go high enough. 13 1/2 US = 14 Aussie so that would mean you can get up to 14 1/2 US. I’d try the Billabong store at Kirra. They’d be the place as they are the original Billabong store aren’t they?

    • Hey Jill

      Thanks heaps for that. I just called the actual company/showroom (at Burleigh Heads) and they said the biggest they make is a Aussie 14.
      I will give the Kirra shop a call though in case they sell a different brand in a bigger size.


      • I rang a few surf shops and one lady said ‘call Lowes because my friend has big feet and he get his there’. In the world of ‘BIG FEET’ a 13 is not big people! lol
        I feel defeated and am close to giving up. Who would have thought it would be this hard!!??

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