For Those Who Love Bibs

Ok, so I’m a bib freak.  G wears one ALL the time when she is eating and has done since her very beginning.  I just have this thing against dribbled down clothes.  My sister thinks it’s very funny and if Georgia is ever without a bib she is the first to crack a joke.  I’m not so bib mad though that Georgia is in one ALL the time.  Just when she is eating.

Now thats she is getting bigger she doesn’t make as much mess but there is also lots more of her to cover.  About 12 months ago I was given a beautiful bib from my SIL that was towelling on the back and had a funky pattern on the front.  I have no idea where it has gone but I was devastated when I could no longer find it.

Anyway I have been searching high and low for bibs like I just described and now that I have found them I thought I would share with any of the other ‘bib loving mums’ out there.

Cathy from ‘Baby bib-bees’ makes beautiful handmade bibs.  They have towelling on the back and patterns on the front.  She makes boys, girls and uni-sex bibs and they are a fantastic size for toddlers.  She is a brand new seller on Ebay but Im sure she will be very busy once the word gets out.  I have found I no longer need millions of bibs but do need bigger ones.  I also love that they are a little funky and bright. As they are handmade each one is ‘one of a kind’.

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