‘HOOT’ Has Arrived

Well ‘HOOT’ arrived at our house yesterday.   Due to the fact that I had spent all night and day vomiting with some revolting tummy bug I was not as excited at his arrival as I should have been but this morning – feeling much better – I was able to take the time to admire just how cute he is. He is part of G’s birthday present and I cant wait to see her face when she rips the wrapping paper off and he is hiding inside.  I will make sure I up load photos of this, but for now the photos I have taken of him on my spare bed will have to do.

‘Hoot Hoot’

Georgia just LOVES ‘Giggle & Hoot’ on the ABC.  The ‘Goodnight Hour’ is perfect for when I’m getting dinner ready and she is a little ratty.

Have been looking everywhere for some kind of merchandise from the show with no luck.  The ABC shop first said they were not doing anything but have since said they will be doing something due to all the requests they have had.  They have no idea when this will happen or even what it will be though.

So I kept searching and found this very clever lady on Etsy.  Her name is Maru and she lives in the Canary Islands.  Her niece (who only speaks Spanish) LOVES Hoot (no idea how she came across Giggle & Hoot in the first place)  so she made her her very own Hoot.

She now sells handmade ‘Hoot’ toys and ‘Hoot’ t-shirts (as well as many other things) so I thought I would post about them and show you a photo of what I have ordered Georgia for her birthday because I know how many of you love ‘Hoot’ and just how hard it was for me to find ANYTHING Hoot.

Hoot handmade t-shirt & soft toy

I will post some pics once G’s ‘Hoot’ arrives.  I just think its so funny that I had to get something from the other side of the world that is actually Australian!