Sue-Ella Signature Designs

I know, 2 posts in the space of 10 min.  Amazing!! 🙂

A beautiful friend of mine makes the most beautiful ‘keepsake’ jewellery you have ever seen.  She has been making it for years and today has a new blog.    Sue-Ella Signature Designs

I have had a few pieces made by her now and I would love to share them with you so you can get a small taste of what she does, but I can’t recommend more you popping over to see her blog and the many beautiful things she makes.

For Christmas she made ‘dog tags’ got Scott.  Miss G’s hand print was etched onto the large tag and the foot print the hospital took from Zak was etched onto the small tag.  Scott just loves it.

Georgia has a beautiful natural stone pendant that was made for her.  Sealed in the back is a copy of Zak’s footprint.  Georgia loves showing EVERYONE and she even puts it under her top and says “Zak’s sleeping now”.  I know it will be something she treasures forever.  Sue hand makes many of her items and they can be filled with ashes.  I know lots of people don’t have ashes or even photos though, but Sue has made many items using the photos taken by Carly and and even sand from the beach Carly draws the butterflies and names.

I have had a few things made by Sue for myself including a ‘Pandora’ style locket.  It has a photo of Zak in one side, his foot print in the other and also some of his hair.  A beautiful ‘angel’ ball.  It actually chimes when it moves.  For my birthday this year Scott got me the most beautiful ‘Pandora’ style beads.  There is a photo of Zak and Miss G on each of them.  Now I took these photos so I will apologise now.  jewellery is super hard to photograph!

There are so many more beautiful pieces I have seen that Sue has made.  She even made a beautiful silver disk for my sister with her 4 little ones (all living) photos etched on the front.  It is just stunning.  She specialises in ‘story’ bracelets.  These are magnificent.  If you have an idea of what you want she will work with you until its perfect or you can tell her your story and let her ‘go for it’.  I must say this is when her most beautiful work is made.


2 Responses

  1. Hi! Been a long while. With no interent at home I lose track of everyones blogs lol. Hope all is well with ya’ll!

  2. Hi Shelly, all is good here. Nothing exciting going on at all. I cant read your blog as it is now invite only. Do I need a password and if so, may I have it??
    Hugs xxx

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