Big Feet HELP!!!

Ok, this is so off topic it’s not funny but I’m DESPERATE and don’t know what else to do but ask here.  S has big feet.  Not the biggest feet in the world, I’m sure many have bigger feet, but they are big.  He is a US 16.  So we have the whole shoe thing sorted.  Took a while but we have done it.  Now what I am trying to find (and am convinced doesn’t exist) is a pair of size 16 rubber thongs (flip flops to those in the US I think)

I have tried ever tall/big shoe store here in Oz I can find and all I can get is a US13.  Thats what he has now and his foot hangs over by about 1.5 inches and looks really uncomfortable.  I did find a surf shop here in OZ that had size 16 in there mens thong (flip flop) section but discovered that even though I was looking in the mens section for some reason it was womens 16 and that their mens Hava1anas only went to a 12.

I just can’t understand why I can’t get bigger than a 13.  I can’t believe  S is  the only male in the world with big feet that would like to be able to throw on a pair of summer rubber pluggers for around the house or for down the beach.

I’m not after ‘flash’ thongs, just the simple rubber plain thongs in the photo above.  I have tried to look on the net at US sites but still have no luck.  If anyone out there in blog land knows where I can get large rubber thongs from I would be forever in your debt if you could post the info.

Pandora Pregnancy & Infant Loss Beads

I have a Pandora bracelet that S got me soon after Zak died.  It has Zak and Georgia’s name on it and a heap of charms to do with both of them like boy and girl booties, their star signs, birth stones, a pram for G and a boy angel for Zak.

I have been looking for over 12 months now for a screw on bead (NOT a dangle) for ‘Pregnancy & Infant Loss’.  Those of you who have seen Pandora, Love Links, Biagi and so on will know what I mean by ‘screw on’.  I can not find one anywhere.

If anyone has seen them please let me know. Im sure Im not the only person in the world that is after one.  I dont care if I have to get it from the other side of the world, just as long as it is sterling silver I will be happy. It also doesnt have to be Pandora.  It can be any of the ‘troll’ beads.  Im sure they all fit on the Pandora anyway.

Your help would be VERY appreciated!!!!!