EPU Today

Well I had EPU today. I was guessing I was in for a good number as yesterday I was so sick (really wanted to die) I had to go to the Dr and get a jab. But when I got up today I felt really good so I was guessing I wasn’t going to have the haul of 19 I got last time. Scott was betting on 14 and I had a bet of 15. 🙂

When I woke up after EPU I couldn’t keep my eyes open. Was the sleepiest I have been at EPU. I asked the nurse how many eggs (my old Dr’s have always had it written on your hand but my new Dr likes to come and take to you about it so the nurses don’t like to say). The nurse said he would be in soon and I would have to wait. I felt so good compared to yesterday that guess of 15 dropped to maybe 8.

I went to recovery and my Dr was in doing transfers so we had to wait a long time. I asked again how many and the nurse gave in. She looked it up and he had written 20+ !!!!!

Finally got to see our Dr. We had 27 eggs!!!! PLUS he said there were 3 more in me. He had 3 nurses pushing my left side and at one stage lying on me but he said they were just out of reach and his thoughts were ‘ you have 27, no pint doing damage to your insides just to get 3 more’! Lol

He said he doesn’t transfer if you have 20 or more eggs and would normally freeze them and make me come back when my E2 levels are down but he said I could be his ‘first exception’. I have to ring him tomorrow to find out fert results and then again on Sunday night. He just wants to make sure I have not turned to shit over the weekend. I have been put on a high protein diet and also 3 protein drinks per day. As well as the 4 Lt of water.

He said the thing he was really happy with is that all my follies were the same size. A lot of the time when you do a short cycle your follie sizes are all over the place.

Now you are all going to be proud of me for what I asked him next. I use to get only 5 or so embies on 976 units of drugs before I changed to this clinic. This clinic no longer uses synarel. So since doing cycles with out the synarel my numbers have jumped big time. I talked to him today about my next cycle (lol) and asked if he thought it would be good to drop my dose to 450-600 and get less eggs (I’m not over the moon about the 27 eggs as I know more eggs can a lot of the time mean even crapper quality). I would much rather 8 – 10 eggs and get 4 good embies than 27 eggs. He agreed and said that I’m probably one of those that has trouble ‘getting going’ after having synarel. So that’s the next thing I want to try. Lower dose with NO sniffing.

Also (sorry I know this is becoming a small novel), I dropped S’s sperm today off the bench. The lid was on but all I could think was how cartoon sperm have faces and I may have given the poor things brain damage. Ha ha ha

So I told the scientist that they may be brain dead. She giggled and said they would be fine. She went and had a look and came back and said he had WAY more than normal and they were MUCH better quality! She said I may have knocked some sense into them.

This is the first cycle that S has NOT given up drinking. Hes been drinking VERY high proof bourbon and thinks this is why his swimmers are doing so well! 🙂


Another Cycle Update

There is no other word for me other than SLACK!

I’m so sorry I have been away in my own world. I think I have caught up on just about all your blogs. Sorry for anyone I have missed. I will get to you. Know that I think of you all though. All the time. 🙂

I had another scan yesterday and there were LOTS of follies. I think this may be why I have not been feeling the best. That and the fact that this is my 3rd ‘back to back’ cycle. On a 975 GonalF dose, that’s a lot for a body to cope with. Those of you who are doing IVF, try and pick your jaw off the ground. I know, 975 is a lot, but its what my body needs to spit out a egg. Anyway, fingers crossed we get at least one good embie. EPU will be Friday and then transfer is Monday.

EPU Booked In

Had my last scan for this cycle today.  All is good and I’m booked in for EPU on Wed and transfer on Fri.  Our Dr was really happy with my lining, though I never have a lining problem so I wasn’t surprised and said he was really happy about the amount of follies.  I did tell him not to get to excited and that when he sees the two crappy embies we are left with he will feel deflated. Lol

I’m feeling really bloated this time.  Its funny because when I have got 5 or 6 eggs that’s when I have felt the most bloated but when I got 19 eggs I didn’t feel a thing.

Anyway I will let you all know how I go on Wed. 

Hope you are all enjoying the weekend.