Thanks Everyone

Thanks everyone for your support.  I really am ok with everything.  The days of crying over a failed cycle are long gone, though S still has a VERY hard time with them.

I think for me the reason I don’t get really upset about them is because….. lets face it, far worse things happen.  I think my head compares a failed cycle with Zak dying and so the failed cycle just seems so unimportant.  Does that make sense?? Plus I’m the kind of person who needs to move on fast to the ‘next thing’ because I’m scared if I don’t, I will sit in the corner and cry and never be able to stop.

Megs would love to be able to tell you that sky diving is a wonderful experience and you should try it but I have a small confession.  I wont get in a plane, let alone jump out of one! 🙂  The ‘smoking of crack’ though, well that a different story! Ha ha (I’m joking people 🙂 )

Anyway, a bottle of wine and a couple of Panadeine Forte later and I had a wonderful sleep and this morning feel like I have been hit by a truck.  The things we do!