Australia’s First Set Of Frozen Triplets Turn 18

There was a story on the news this morning that was really nice for a few reasons.  On Sunday 2 sisters and a brother will celebrate their 18 th birthday.  They were the first set of triplets to come from frozen embryos to be born in Australia.  I can only imagine that 18 years ago IVF would have been a bit hit and miss, let alone frozen embryos working.

The bit that made me smile was when one of the sisters talked about the first baby their Mum got pregnant with.  He to was IVF.  Born before the triplets, and he lived for only 3 days.

I’m sure some of you are wondering what part of that made me smile????  Well when she talked about him, she called him her ‘older brother’.  Not ‘Mum & Dad’s first baby’.  Not ‘the first time Mum & dad got pg with IVF’.  She didn’t say ‘ Mum & Dad lost a baby before they had us’.  She called him their older brother.

It was so nice to hear a sibling talk of a brother they had never met that way.  Their parents have obviously talked a lot about their son.  Their first baby.  The triplets older brother, and I think considering he was a baby that died over 18 years ago, at a time where mothers were not suppose to talk about their ‘dead babies’.  A time when the family were suppose to move on and forget, its kinda amazing to hear people talk of a brother they never knew.

And it put a smile on my face.  🙂