Zak’s Place At Christmas Time

Just wanted to share a photo taken on Christmas day when we went with our family to where Zak’s ashes were put. I was pg so no one would let me climb down to the water but S and my sister went and took some flowers for me. My sister also brought me back a nice big rock to put with Zak’s tree and plaque.
The photos were taken with my phone so they are not the best and its taken me all this time to work out how to get photos off my phone onto my computer.

When You Cant Find It, Make It

I have been looking for a frame to put one of my favorite photos of Zak in.  I wanted a baby boy frame. But I wanted large frame that would hold a big photo.

Well I came to the conclusion that people just don’t like to have large photos of their bubs in baby frames. I couldn’t find one anywhere!

We have lots of photos of Zak in frames. Wooden ones and silver ones, but we didn’t have a frame that was ‘baby’ like. It didn’t have to be flash. Just a nice colour, cute and boy looking. I looked ALL over the place for one.

So what does a Mum do when she cant find what she wants??? She makes it!  I finished it today. Its very simple. So simple that I cant work out why I couldn’t find one in the shops.

Anyway I wanted to share it with you all.

The photo of Zak is not the clearest we have, it was taken in a dark room BUT it is the only photo we have of him when he was alive with little booties on, and those big feet at the bottom of those beautiful little legs just make me melt inside.