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Sue-Ella Signature Designs

I know, 2 posts in the space of 10 min.  Amazing!! 🙂

A beautiful friend of mine makes the most beautiful ‘keepsake’ jewellery you have ever seen.  She has been making it for years and today has a new blog.    Sue-Ella Signature Designs

I have had a few pieces made by her now and I would love to share them with you so you can get a small taste of what she does, but I can’t recommend more you popping over to see her blog and the many beautiful things she makes.

For Christmas she made ‘dog tags’ got Scott.  Miss G’s hand print was etched onto the large tag and the foot print the hospital took from Zak was etched onto the small tag.  Scott just loves it.

Georgia has a beautiful natural stone pendant that was made for her.  Sealed in the back is a copy of Zak’s footprint.  Georgia loves showing EVERYONE and she even puts it under her top and says “Zak’s sleeping now”.  I know it will be something she treasures forever.  Sue hand makes many of her items and they can be filled with ashes.  I know lots of people don’t have ashes or even photos though, but Sue has made many items using the photos taken by Carly and and even sand from the beach Carly draws the butterflies and names.

I have had a few things made by Sue for myself including a ‘Pandora’ style locket.  It has a photo of Zak in one side, his foot print in the other and also some of his hair.  A beautiful ‘angel’ ball.  It actually chimes when it moves.  For my birthday this year Scott got me the most beautiful ‘Pandora’ style beads.  There is a photo of Zak and Miss G on each of them.  Now I took these photos so I will apologise now.  jewellery is super hard to photograph!

There are so many more beautiful pieces I have seen that Sue has made.  She even made a beautiful silver disk for my sister with her 4 little ones (all living) photos etched on the front.  It is just stunning.  She specialises in ‘story’ bracelets.  These are magnificent.  If you have an idea of what you want she will work with you until its perfect or you can tell her your story and let her ‘go for it’.  I must say this is when her most beautiful work is made.

To Write Their Names In The Sand

Just wanted to share a couple of new pics Carly from To Write There Names In The Sand has done in memory of Zak.  I had one done a few years ago but since I had it done she now does butterflies and dragonflies.

Carly does a beautiful job and they are very inexpensive.  Perfect if you didn’t get many photos.  They look fantastic on canvas as well.  You do have to wait for an opening as obviously she can only do so many names at a time.  A sunset is not very long.  🙂 But their are openings most days.

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International Babylost Mothers Day

Today is the 1st of May (yes May, my favorite month – NOT) and its also International Babylost Mothers Day .

I just want to let all the mums out there with Angel bubs know that I am thinking of you all.  I hope you have a peaceful day.

Beautiful Blogger Award

Firstly I want to thank Sharon over at Expecting the Unexpected for my very flash award.

I have been so busy with my sil that its taken me a few days to say thanks and pass on the award.

Here are my instructions:

Thank the person who nominated you for this award.

* Copy the award and place it in your blog

* Link the person who nominated you for this award.

* Tell us 7 interesting things about you

* Nominate 7 bloggers

* Post the links to the 7 bloggers you nominate.

Interesting things about me:

1) I did not always spend my life doing IVF

2) I can touch my nose with my tongue

3) All my pegs are the same colour

4) When I drink I count each mouthful in my head

5) I’m not a very forgiving person

6) I understand sometimes you need to tell lies but can’t stand people who can’t tell them properly

7) Im not the person to ask an opinion of if you don’t want to know what I really think

I would like to nominate the following bloggers and if you have had it before I apologies in advance 😉

1) Jillian Healey Photography …. Not only is she a fantastic photographer but she has become a wonderful friend.  She gets me!

2) Love Reign Over Me …. Carly has given so many beautiful gifts to so many families.

3)Every Life Has A Story …. A special person doing something beautiful for others.

4) The Hairy Farmer Family …. simply because I giggle just thinking about reading her posts.

5)  A Mending Heart ….  Because I know how hard its been and I understand 100%

6) Tuesday’s Hope …. Another Mum who I ‘get’ so much.  It’s tough and unfair but we carry on.

7)  AND  Im giving it back to Shazz at Expecting The Unexpected.  I know your not going to do it all over again but we have been friends for so long and have gone through SO much.

Protected: The Things People Say

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Remembering Victoms Of Back Saturday

One year on we remember all the victims of the Victorian bush fires.  No one will forget Back Saturday.

173 lives were lost, 414 were injured, and over 3500 structures destroyed leaving over 7500 homeless.

May your day be peaceful.

Huge hugs to you all.

Protected: Another Year Gone – Thinking Of You Both

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Baby Quest Is Back Posting

Just wanted you all to know that Sharon from Baby Quest is once again back in blogland and is posting again so go and have a read about her beautiful little man Maxx.

Also anyone reading this will realise that most of my posts are now PASSWORD PROTECTED.  If you want to read those post just email me at so I can give you the password.